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An SEO Website Design That Is Also User Friendly To Put You Back In Control

SEO websiteCathy Henry SEO Specialist believes that you, the business owner, should be in the driver’s seat when it comes to your website. Therefore, we design sites with both SEO and end-user maintenance in mind.

Traditional web designers have control of your website. You spend thousands of dollars to have them design your site, with no thought to given to effective SEO, and then you must pay them every time you want small changes or updates to your website.  Typically, they do not give you admin access to the server where your web files are hosted and they are very reluctant to give you the information when asked.

We believe this is not in your best interest and therefore we design sites that will be very easy for you to manage on your own once the design process is complete. Through the use of CMS (content management software) that is OpenSource (free) we will design a stunning website that is SEO friendly and has a very easy to use interface that will allow you to be in control of your own site maintenance if you so choose.

We have taken the OpenSource software and installed powerful SEO elements that make SEO for your website updates almost totally automated. You can now do all of the little changes and updates you like and add fresh content without ever having to pay a web designer for the little updates that are a part of every website.

We will even provide free training and tutorials to help you out. You are never left in the dark or left feeling like you are on your own.

Once Cathy Henry SEO Specialist hands your beautifully designed website over to you, you are in the driver’s seat. You have the choice of maintaining it yourself or paying for the maintenance service; but either way, it is your choice.

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