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What If Your Customers Can’t Find Your Website?

marketing wuestionsIn all of my years of experience, I have discovered that the biggest problem facing small businesses online is that the customers cannot find their website. This problem can be fixed, but it is easiest to take a pro-active approach and eliminate the problem at the source. By doing extensive market research before building your website you can get off to the best start possible.

Cathy Henry SEO Specialist will perform professional keyword and market research to set the foundation of your SEO strategy. It is critical that you discover the exact words that your potential customers are typing into the search engine when they are searching for your products.

Through the most up-to-date processes and technology, we can put all of the pieces of the SEO puzzle in place and set your website head and shoulders above your competition.

By doing market and keyword research, you can discover exactly what your customers are looking for, what problems they are trying to solve and what questions they are asking. This is incredibly valuable information. Add to that the ability to bring them to your website at the exact time they are looking to make a purchase and you will be able to grow your bottom line.

If you had a steady flow of traffic, with credit cards in hand ready to buy, coming to your website do you think you would make more sales? The only way you can do that is by fully understanding your market, the search engines and which keywords to target that will bring buying customers to your website.

Cathy Henry SEO Specialist offers you the experienced evaluation of your market, the keywords that will bring you results and the means to implement them to the greatest effect.

seo consultationClick the button above and request a free, no obligation, consultation. Cathy will design a market research plan that is customized to meet your specific needs. Whether you have an existing website or are just starting out online and looking for guidance, she will be a key partner to your small business success.

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